Introducing Knight Academy.

Knight Academy is our own in-house training programme, built on a collective 25 years of recruitment expertise. We’re giving you the knowledge to succeed in the Executive Search world. Most companies enrol graduates to a week training programme and stop there. Knight Academy constantly enriches your knowledge of how to be successful in executive search.

Be Prepared to Excel

We invest heavily into our people; our training programme has been designed to succeed. Delivered by our module leaders, you will receive a personal development programme like no other.

Industry Leading Software

We’ve created our own tech solutions to provide our people with tools that nobody else can offer. Our in-house software suite (named DashPro and CRMPro) is built entirely by us - and we build on it every single day. Our CRM puts hundreds of thousands of contacts at your fingertips, provides real-time company insights and ultimately makes sure you’re heading in the right direction. We also give all our people a LinkedIn Recruiter account, giving them advanced access to the 600 million people using LinkedIn around the world.

The Core

Our training programme starts with 6 core modules, giving you the basics to do the job. This is supported by another 15 smaller modules that help you excel even further. Every module is led by one of our Module Leaders, who are true experts in each area. They are your point of contact, invested in your development as a recruiter, and continue to support your growth throughout your first year at Irving Knight.

External Training

We’ve also invested in External Training programmes that help you develop your personal brand, sales and negotiation skills. These courses are led by industry experts from around the world.

Meet Ava.

We've invested heavily in our technology. All of our solutions are built in-house, by us, for us. Our internal system set us apart from our competiton who rely on third-party software. We use advanced AI to automate certain aspects of our business development process.

Ava is a powerhouse. She gives us real-time insights to every company in each of our market verticals, and even makes suggestions on who we contact and more importantly, when's best to do it. Ava gains a deeper understanding with every action we take. We truly believe our competitors software doesn't scrape the surface when compared to Ava.